Learn How to Make Your Own Multitracks

Learn how to make "Champion" by Bethel Music, Dante Bowe.  

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Learn How to Make Your Own Multitracks

Watch Tim Ehrhart make  a Custom Multitrack for "Champion" by Bethel Music

This Free Hour and a Half Webinar will cover:

  1. How to make your own multitracks

  2. Tracking instruments in layers

  3. Recording Techniques for live and virtual instruments

  4. How to program percussion for a custom multitrack

  5. How to bounce stems for Ableton Live

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About the Instructor

Tim Ehrhart is a producer, mix engineer and worship leader who has been combining studio and live elements since 2012.  After studying writing and production at Berklee College of Music, he has taken the elements used to produce music in a studio and now combines them into creating creative multitracks that are used in live worship by churches and worship leaders all

over the world.   

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