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The Problem with

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

In this blog post, we're going to address 3 main issues with multitracks from They involve cost, quality, and constraint on your worship team's style. Not only will we explain some of the main problems with, we're going to tell you how to solve the problems.

The great news? You already have everything you need to solve your church band's multitrack issues.

1. is too Expensive

I remember looking at the statement which detailed how much I spent at at the end of a year. Let’s just say this: it was too much.

I remember thinking there had to be a better way. I loved what multitracks had to offer in terms of making our band sound fuller, helping us stay on time and providing some structure to our worship sets. But buying multitracks for every song I wanted my worship team to play on a Sunday was just too expensive.

I found a new reality: one in which I could still obtain all the benefits of multitracks, but without the cost of buying them.

I started making my own multitracks and it totally changed the game for my worship team. If you’re a church on a large or small budget, paying for multitracks when you can make them yourself - and make them sound just as good (or much, much better) - made so much more sense for me and my worship team. Now, all the extra money I saved from not paying I can reinvest into my ministry as a worship leader (hello preservice coffee for the team, am I right?).

2. Pre-Made Multitracks are Basically Karaoke

I know it kind of hurts to say it, but think about it... Buying pre-made multitracks is similar to having your team perform karaoke.

Most churches that are using multitracks are basically playing the same exact track everywhere in the world. The same. exact. track. Sure there are different keys and versions - but how can we pour so much effort into our rehearsals, sound teams, and services to have our own church identities and make things uniquely “us” and yet we play along to the same exact track as everyone else?

Not only is it the same as everyone else - the tracks fail to augment our worship teams true potentials, because they're not made for our team. They're made for an entirely different band.

We ignore our identities and opportunities for our worship teams to form their own sound in exchange for ‘ease’ and ‘time’ when we could be developing our own sounds and arrangements to speak to the culture of our church.

3. Leaves No Room for Creativity is kind of like using apple products - once you’re in, you’re in.

Did you know that Apple actually doesn't even always try to be the most cutting-edge with their products? They invest their production and brain power into USABILITY and user experience over technological advancements. Which is why, typically, once you're in - you're in. It's just too simple to use to make the switch.

You might be a worship leader that uses Ableton Live for running your multitracks, in which case you’re a rarity and you should consider using Ableton Live for making your own tracks, because you’re already halfway there!

The danger with is when you’re using the playback app and downloading straight from the app - there is no room for creativity to flow in between songs and certainly no room to play with style and arrangements. This creates a comfortable loop of simply downloading and pressing play. This does not create space for you and your worship team to be creative with the worship set. I propose a better way. A way to let your unique God-given creativity as a worship leader make a mark on the songs through your multitracks.

The Solution:

Create Your Own Multitracks

As a worship leader, you already have the tools and the creativity you need to create your own multitracks. The problem is probably that you don't know how to do it. The Custom Multitracks Masterclass goes through everything you need to know to break free from the creative constraints of pre-made multitracks so you can are empowered and set free to create your own!

What are the benefits of creating your own multitracks?

Creating your own multitracks will allow you to develop your worship team’s sound, be creative with your own arrangements and to perform songs the way you’ve always wanted.

When you create your own multitracks, you never have to spend another dime playing a multitrack! You can do each song the way you want and in the way that makes sense for your band and your team musically.

You will see how creating your own multitracks will light a creative fire in your worship leading and original songs and original arrangements may even start breaking through!

If you've ever felt the constraints of, have been frustrated with the cost, or have always wished there was something more or better suited for your worship band and vocalists - consider taking the Multitracks Masterclass. If you resonate with the constraints of pre-made multitracks, learning how to make your own can set you free to sound like yourself.

The course (made by a South Florida Worship Leader who’s a Berklee Music Production grad) comes with everything you need to know from start to finish:

  • 26 Lessons on how to create, record, mix and play your own multitracks

  • A course booklet

  • Downloadable templates for Pro Tools & Ableton

  • Recording checklist

  • Tech Purchase Lists & Pricing Guides

  • 3 Amazing Worship Drone Packs

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