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Driver Agent Serial Number: Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your PC Performance

A vessel agent or agents authorized representative may obtain accountable forms (BOAT 102, 103, and 104) by contacting the local Occupational Licensing Branch office (see Occupational Licensing (OL) Branch section in this chapter). There is no charge to order vessel forms and supplies. Vessel agents may obtain forms by submitting a request on vessel agent letterhead which identifies the forms needed by number and name, quantities required, street address for delivery (no P.O. Box), contact name, and phone number to DMV. The authorized person must display sufficient identification (e.g., a driver license or identification card) before accountable items will be released.

Driver Agent Serial Number

The initial fee for submitting an application for a unique serial number is $35. This fee will cover the $20 cost for the firearms eligibility check conducted by the Department and the request for one unique serial number for one firearm through CFARS. If you have multiple self-manufactured or self-assembled firearms, or if you intend to manufacture or assemble multiple firearms, you may request multiple unique serial numbers during the same transaction. The fee for each subsequent unique serial number within the same transaction is $15. There is no limit to the number of unique serial numbers that an applicant may request within a single application and corresponding transaction.

A temporary license, special license, temporary employment permit, or class C drivers license may be used in lieu of a valid, unexpired driver license or identification card. Use the appropriate document, or renew your driver license online . Use the WSP Licensing Application Wizard (WSP-12) online to create a temporary driver license or ID card.


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