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Anyway, I took anID photo for the Individual Number Card in a photo booth. The experience wasrather amusing. I was busy choosing things from many options. First, I had tochoose for what purpose I needed the photo. Second, I had to choose whether Iwanted to retouch my photo or keep a digital copy. Depending on the optionschosen, the price of the photo varied. Then, I had to spin the chair to adjustthe height so my head would be at the appropriate level. After that, themachine automatically took two shots. I had to choose if I wanted to takeanother two shots or choose from the two photos that were already shown on thescreen. The machine even asked me to choose a skin tone, which I found veryodd. I thought I was finally done with the photo taking process, but I had tochoose the background color too. After fighting the audible count-down from themachine, I finally finished taking an ID photo. I did not like the photo, but Idid it.

Spin Me Round subtitles English




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