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I See YouSee : Season 3 Episode 8

Magnum, P.I. is an American action drama television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator in Hawaii. The series ran on CBS, which broadcast 162 first-run episodes over eight seasons, from December 11, 1980, to May 1, 1988.

I See YouSee : Season 3 Episode 8

In the pilot episode, Magnum accidentally uncovers a drug operation in the islands when picking up an old Navy friend of his at the airport and helps his friend's sister uncover the truth about a conspiracy involving the NIA and Southeast-Asian drug dealers. Magnum makes a casual reference to predecessor series Hawaii Five-O after his pursuers drive over a cliffside. When his friend winds up dead, Magnum must find his killers and uncover a smuggling ring that leads him to people from his past during the Vietnam War.

When T.C. is arrested by the United States Coast Guard for smuggling a deserter of the United States Marine Corps into the islands, Magnum and Rick must uncover their best friend's real motives, but also discover a plot made by drug smugglers. This episode was the immediate answer to the episode number 8, "The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii".

"Did You See the Sunrise?", "The Eighth Part of the Village", "Past Tense", "Black on White", "Flashback", "Heal Thyself" and "Faith and Begorrah" were the highest-rated episodes in the show's history, and were all respectively the highest-rated television events at all during their initial broadcasts.[1]

Magnum, T.C., and an ex-army buddy named Nuzo (James Whitmore Jr.) try to track down Ivan (Bo Svenson), a Russian KGB agent who held them captive during the Vietnam War. Nuzo claims Ivan has been stalking him, and that Ivan is after all of them. Meanwhile, Lieutenant "Mac" MacReynolds (Jeff MacKay), claiming that he has resigned from the Navy, starts hanging around Magnum. In reality, Mac hasn't resigned but is working under Buck Green's orders to keep tabs on Magnum because Magnum's name has surfaced in connection with a Soviet Intel operation set to take place in Hawaii. After a night out at a bar, Mac is killed by a car bomb when he gets into Magnum's Ferrari ahead of Magnum. Magnum vows revenge. Magnum discovers that Nuzo, who is actually Ivan's operative, has hypnotized T.C. and convinced him to kill a visiting Japanese dignitary. Magnum stops T.C. in time, but due to diplomatic immunity Ivan is set free, his next target perhaps being the president. With Rick's help, Magnum captures Ivan, who admits to killing Mac (in an attempt to kill Magnum), and taunts Magnum and tells him that he can't do anything to stop him. At the end of the episode, Magnum asks Ivan, "Did you see the sunrise?", echoing a wish Mac had expressed with his last words. Ivan replies "yes", and Magnum turns towards Ivan, raises his gun, and fires.

A young woman named Diane Dupres (Sharon Stone) claims she is being stalked by her twin sister, Deirdre, and hires Magnum to investigate. Magnum breaks his number one rule and becomes romantically involved with a female client. Diane begins to show signs of paranoid delusions when she calls Thomas in a panic claiming to have shot a man at her residence although Magnum and Higgins can find no obvious signs of an attack. Magnum stays at her residence out of concern for her well being, and the episode ends with Magnum taking a shower and Diane (or is it Deirdre?) stepping in to join him.

In what was originally meant to be the final episode of the series, Magnum is critically wounded in a dockside warehouse firefight and ends up in a coma. He "wakes up" in Limbo with Mac but refuses to believe that he is dead, insisting that he is only dreaming, even though no one but Mac can hear or see him. Magnum finally accepts that he is dead, and says his goodbyes.

The episodes "Tiger's Fan" and "A Girl Named Sue" were the two most-watched episodes of this season, garnering the highest ratings both during their initial broadcasts and during their subsequent reruns.

I have to say that despite the jumps in tone (and chronology), Evil Plans is certainly one of the most memorable and fun episodes of The Clone Wars. The return of Cad Bane is most welcome (as is the introduction of the ganglord Hutts), and the cartoon buffoonery of the droids is pleasing in the extreme.

Why it's great: The two-part finale of Bob's Burgers Season 4 is a must-watch, both because of its overall excellence and because it will set you up for the spinoff film. Much of The Bob's Burgers Movie revolves around the nearby theme park, Wonder Wharf. These two episodes focus on the wharf and what it means to the town. Landlord Calvin Fischoeder's (voiced by Kevin Kline) brother Felix (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) tries to persuade him to sell the wharf so he can put up condos.

Bob, tempted by the promise of a burger restaurant on the beach, decides to help Felix out. The plan goes off the rails and brings the Belchers into mortal danger, resulting in a thrilling conclusion with deliciously high stakes. On top of all that, these episodes give us a double-whammy of killer songs with "Nice Things are Nice" and "Bad Things are Bad." If you only have time to watch one or two Bob's Burgers before running to theaters, make it these.

If you want another excellent Bob's Burgers two-parter: Watch Season 8, episodes 6 and 7, "The Bleakening." This top-notch Christmas special has everything: musical numbers, a Christmas mystery, Game of Thrones-inspired fantasy sequences, and Adam Driver singing about nude modeling (yes, really(Opens in a new tab)). It's mandatory holiday viewing.

If you want more Linda: Watch Season 1, episode 5, "Hamburger Dinner Theater." This is a great showcase of Linda's optimism, theatricality, and all-around star power. Let her sing everything!

Why it's great: "Bad Tina" is a quintessential Tina episode, featuring middle school angst, butts, and, of course, zombie fantasies. Tina tries to get closer to her crush Jimmy Jr. (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) by hanging out with the school's cool new girl Tammy (voiced by Jenny Slate), who proves to be a not-so-great influence. As Tina tries to be someone she's not, her family reminds her that she's great just the way she is: A hormonal teenager with a penchant for boys, butts, and erotic friend fiction.

If you want more Tina: Watch Season 6, episode 17, "The Horse Rider-er." Tina gets to go to horse-riding camp. However, she quickly realizes that her time there pales in comparison to her time with her fantasy horse, Jericho (voiced by Paul Rudd).

If you want more Gene: Watch Season 5, episode 1, "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl." It's Gene's "Die Hard" musical vs. his frenemy Courtney's (voiced by David Wain) "Working Girl" musical. Which one comes out on top in this classic Bob's Burgers extravaganza?

If you want more Louise: Watch Season 7, episode 1, "Flu-ouise." When Louise comes down with the flu, she dreams that she and her beloved Kuchi Kopi nightlight go on a quest. It's a literal fever dream of an episode, complete with musical numbers and a heartwarming family conclusion.

Why it's great: Handyman Teddy has a penchant for inserting himself into the Belchers' lives, even when they don't necessarily want him there. In "Uncle Teddy," he gets the chance to prove himself as the Belcher kids' guardian while Bob and Linda are out of town. He bonds with Gene and Louise over a gross clog in their sink. But he has a harder time with Tina, who keeps trying to sneak out to meet a cute boy. It's a treat to watch Teddy interact with the kids, so much so that he babysits them again later in Season 7, episode 17, "Zero Larp Thirty."

If you want more Teddy: Watch Season 5, episode 3, "Friends with Burger-fits." Bob worries that all the burgers he feeds Teddy will kill him, so the two enroll in a stuntman boot camp to get him fit. This is a great episode to watch to better understand Bob and Teddy's relationship through its highs and lows.

"Bob Day Afternoon" (Season 2, episode 2): "Bob Day Afternoon" introduces lovable criminal Mickey (voiced by Bill Hader) and Sergeant Bosco (voiced by Gary Cole). Both make pivotal appearances in the movie. Plus, this episode gives us some of Louise's most memorable early-Bob's Burgers moments.

"The Frond Files" (Season 4, episode 12): A Bob's Burgers movie wouldn't be complete without a cameo from guidance counselor and enemy of the Belcher children Mr. Frond (voiced by David Herman). In this Frond-centric episode, the kids share elaborate essays about their time at Wagstaff School, all of which paint Frond as the villain. Not only do we get face time with Frond in this episode, but we also get a sense of each Belcher child's imagination, from dangerous robots to farting rock bands and hot zombies.

"The Oeder Games" (Season 5, episode 21): The Fischoeder brothers play a big role in The Bob's Burgers Movie, and this water balloon-filled spoof of The Hunger Games establishes their relationship with the town and gives us a tour of their sprawling estate. It also plays with the Tina/Jimmy Jr./Zeke love triangle in a hilarious fashion.

La Brea fans, we have some great news! NBC announced on January 31 that the time-traveling sci-fi series has been renewed for Season 3. That means we're in for yet another exciting season fully of mystery as the La Brea sinkhole survivors navigate the world of 10,000 B.C. and beyond.

The reveal is especially welcome after viewers have had to wait 2.5 months while the show (created by showrunner David Appelbaum) was on a midseason hiatus. However the second season returns with a two-hour, two episode event on Tuesday, January 31 beginning at at 9/8c.

Well, looking back on this season, how do you feel about how you changed as a writer and director making this season and how the show changed? Or did you think about the show any differently?

The Flash season 7, episode 8, The People v. Killer Frost, saw Barry team up with the Speed Force iteration of Nora Allen in the hopes of tracking down Fuerza. After doing so, they met the woman behind the monster, Alexa Rivera, and convinced her to get tested so that they could figure out if she really was Fuerza. 041b061a72


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