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FPS Boost Guides

So how do you get your Fortnite frames higher? While the FPS you can achieve ultimately depends on your specific hardware configuration, there are ways to coax enhanced performance from your system. From software optimizations to component upgrades, here are some tips for how to achieve a Fortnite performance boost.

FPS Boost Guides

Switch to DirectX 12. While DirectX 12 may not boost your average FPS score by more than a few percent, the real advantage is that it utilizes the CPU more efficiently. The frame rate stays higher during hectic moments in battle that demand the most performance. Enable it through the Rendering Mode setting in Advanced Graphics.

Enable Dual Core: A powerful option for gaining performance that has no downsides some of the time. May cause various random issues caused by splitting the CPU and GPU threads onto different cores. The most common downside to this performance boost is the risk for random "Unknown Opcode" issues and the associated crashes. Dolphin will usually disable Dual Core in games that are especially sensitive to CPU GPU desyncs.

This low-end PC optimization guide is absolutely going to help you run games with an FPS boost, but we're not miracle workers here. We feel obligated to tell you that, at some point, your rig simply won't be cutting it anymore. Whether you've already reached this point or not depends entirely on the games you're playing and performance affinities. Note that you could always look into our games for low-end PCs if you need inspiration on what to play! Regardless, below you'll find many performance tweaks for your aging rig.

Speaking of which, these will absolutely work best if your machine was gaming-capable a few years back, and only needs a slight boost to get back into its prime. Say, for example, that you're still running a GeForce 1050ti or something equivalent. GPUs of this tier will perform extremely admirably even playing the latest games if you follow our tips.

We'll go through various tweaks for weak PCs in the general order of complexity. If you're lucky, you're going to be able to get the FPS boost you were looking for really quickly! Those less fortunate will, however, going to have to keep scrolling until we get to really drastic solutions. That's gaming for ya!

If you're a veteran of hunting for low-spec PC optimization guides, you're going to be quite familiar with the following section. The vast majority of guides out there use the following few performance tweaks willy-nilly, which might give you the idea that they don't work at all. That's not true, though. Here's what your first order of business should always be:

As we said above, if you're gaming on a low-to-mid-range laptop, your power settings might be reducing your potential performance ceiling. Generally speaking, if you want to boost FPS, go for maximum hardware usage. Don't skimp!

Obviously, this is cheating, and it won't look quite as good as the real native render resolution does, but it will offer a substantial performance boost that you wouldn't otherwise enjoy. Weigh these options, fiddle with them, and see what works in your case!

Chances are that you've already familiarized yourself with LowSpecGamer's awesome optimization guides. This household Youtuber has dedicated his channel to producing a wide variety of performance optimization tweaks and fixes. On a game-by-game basis, and if you're okay with positively nuking the visuals of what you're trying to play, this is the ultimate source for tweaks. However, you might not want to play Odyssey when it looks like a PlayStation 1 launch title.

I was under the impression that the boost mode would only be available on games that are patched/updated to receive it by the developers yet this article seems to suggest that all games will receive an automatic boost that can then be further improved upon with a developer update - could someone please confirm which is actually the case??? If it is the case that all games are boosted then what was all the talk about the GPU downclocking to PS4/Pro speeds for backwards compatible games???

@Only1PJA Since no one responded on here, I believe the only games that will see an automatic fps boost, are those that had unlocked framerates, usually capped at 60 fps but unable to get there. E.g. God of War (in performance mode) and Sekiro hovered in the 40-50 fps range. Some people prefer a locked 30fps, because of frame judder(?) but I was happy to have a much smoother game with occasional hitches. Now that ps5 has more power, those unlocked framerates will max out at 60fps, and I don't think the developers had to do a thing. Unfortunately, God of War could probably run 4K 60fps in but that might require code to changed, so it will only affect performance mode (1080p) for now.

@get2sammyb question for you or anyone else and forgive me if this is a dumb one, will game boost require a ps4 game to be installed on the internal ssd or can the benefits still be there if playing a ps4 game off an external hard drive? TIA!!

Those are all very nice gains but this list is for more specific PS5 updates that require a patch and the game boost functionality I.e. going from 30 to 60fps or new 4K modes or load times being even further enhanced for PS5.

@Shoulderknight Coming from a launch model PS4, all the games I have played that have PS4 Pro enhancements are using the enhancements. The difference in Ark, for example, is extraordinary. Before the Game boost patch for God of War I could choose the PS4 Pro performance or graphics modes. I never played Persona 5 on my base PS4 and do not have Tony Hawk, so cannot speak to your specific examples, however.

These are the recommended settings to boost FPS in Optifine. If you really want to have more FPS in Optifine then you must apply the above-mentioned settings because we have already tried it on a couple of PCs. These Optifine Settings will not increase your FPS but also reduce issues like crashing or lagging.

Some players, however, are more than happy to sacrifice ejected bullet casing sheen for a bit of framerate boost. Battlefield 2042thankfully has a plethora of graphical settings on the PC version that lets players find the acceptable compromise between performance and visuals. Players need to take note of these settings if they want to squeeze out some extra frames per second.

Additionally, Lighting Quality also determines the quality of the game's shadows. As always, shadows eat up huge chunks of average framerate. Hence, keeping the Lighting Quality low is always a good idea for those looking to boost the framerate a bit, and can provide a boost of as much as eight percent.

This setting picks problem areas in the game and strategically reduces graphical fidelity with such care that most players won't even notice the quality loss. For many, DLSS is essentially a free framerate boost with little to no drawbacks. It's also almost necessary when using Ray Tracing.

Are you experiencing lag in your game? Does it crash frequently? Do you get the pesky Error Code 12 all the time? This guide will provide you with so many different things that you can do to fix your game and boost its performance!

Updating your graphics driver can bring out the best performance of your graphics card. If you want to boost the FPS of your CS: GO, try updating your graphics driver to the latest version. You can update your driver manually or automatically.

Changing the power plan of your PC to High performance can also boost the FPS of your CS: GO. Since most PC are configured to Balanced, the the operating capacity of your graphics card and CPU is restricted. Follow the instructions below to change the power plan of your PC:

Typically, Far Cry 5 runs at 30 FPS on Xbox consoles, but the frame rate is doubled when the boost is turned on. Any player on Xbox Series S won't have to do anything to activate the FPS Boost because Far Cry 5's 4K, 30 FPS mode isn't supported on that console. However, the default setting for Xbox Series X is the 4K, 30 FPS mode. Luckily, for those playing on Xbox Series X, it only takes a few easy steps to turn on the FPS Boost for a better experience in Far Cry 5.

Jamie K. Russo is freelance writer for Screen Rant. She has a master's degree in creative writing from Full Sail University. She's a passionate, completionist gamer with previous experience writing personal guides for a variety of game genres.Jamie is also a published novelist and a cat lady.

Turning everything off doesn't necessarily provide performance boosts, this option doesn't (according to Nvidia and my tests). Important note, this boosts performance only when V sync is on in Kenshi settings.

This basically forces the game to always go triple sampling instead of having it soft-enable with gpu, but disabled/auto settings adjustment by application - resulting huge boost to performance, increase framerate and make new zones load slightly faster, on top of that it prevent any conflicts from other settings causing game to be overall more stable.

Wheather the latest update isn't running smoothly on the PC, or you suddenly find Counter-Strike struggling to offer better frame rates, we're here to help. Here are 8 tips to boost FPS in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. 041b061a72


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