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Conclusion: Limited information is provided to young people when first informed about HD in their families leading to independent, mostly online information-seeking. Information is used to build knowledge about HD to facilitate coping and life planning. Healthcare providers can direct young people to reliable resources and guide parents in talking with children to ensure that information needs are met.

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Microsoft Search helps you find what you need to complete what you're working on. Whether you're searching for people, files, organization charts, sites, or answers to common questions, you can use Microsoft Search throughout your workday to get answers.

When users click in the Search box, search suggests results based on their previous activity in Office 365 and based on content that's trending in your organization. Search considers activities such as files they were working on recently, commands they've used recently, and people they collaborate with. As users start typing in the Search box, the suggested results update. Users can open search results right from the Search box. Here's an example of a search in SharePoint.

When people filter on a person in SharePoint, they see results from content that the filtered person has worked on and that they have permission to see. If the filtered person or their organization have turned off item insights in Microsoft Graph, people only see results from content the filtered person has shared with them or from content that they both have worked on. Learn about item insights.

When many people in your organization search for the same thing in Microsoft Search in Outlook, SharePoint, and, you as an admin can see that the query is popular, but not who searched for it. You can use this information to define which resources are good results for popular queries and make search better for your organization. Learn about providing answers in Plan your content.

Slavery was legalized in Virginia in the 1660s. Between 1700 and 1773, 80,000 or more slaves were imported into the colony. After 1773, Virginia virtually stopped importing slaves. Because of the natural increase of slaves, many Virginians became active slave traders, and many slaves were sold to states farther south, particularly in the nineteenth century. In 1808, Congress outlawed the importation of slaves into the United States, thus making the domestic slave trade much more important. The two groups of people who dominated interstate slave trade were professional slave traders and southern planters. 041b061a72


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