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Almighty Thor

Aside from the powers of the lightning god, Thor can also use the powers of an almighty god. This magic moves the entire world around him to place him in a position where he can easily defeat his enemy and win.[8] Indeed, even if his target is on the other side of the world, the ability allows him to move the target towards him.[7] It operates automatically, adjusting position and distance in such a way that none of the enemy's attacks can reach him and that he is in the ideal position to attack, such that a win or a draw are the only outcomes.[7] Indeed, the powers make it so that Thor rules the world and moves it by his will, the narration boasting that he can avoid being defeated by even Accelerator, and that only way to truly kill him was to destroy or remake the world.[7][36] As such, it is limited to the current world, meaning that Thor can't overcome powers which go beyond the current world, such as a fully empowered Othinus.[8][7]

Almighty Thor




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