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the second portion consists of the toolbars. the toolbar is divided into four parts, that is the main tools of this software, fonts, properties and the status area. font includes both letter and italic styles. both full support for unicode and opentype.

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the third portion consists of the main tools like design palette for stitching, lettering, text, shapes and drawing. the design palette is divided into three parts. the first one is the lettering part that includes the available fonts, the main tools for the creation of the lettering, decorations, borders, and shadows. the second area is the drawing part that includes a collection of the available shapes like the ellipse, triangle, rectangle, square, lines, curves and polygons, those tools are very useful for the making of the design of the embroidery.

the fourth portion consists of a status area. this area is used for viewing the information about the design like the current stitch, coordinates, patterns and number of selected blocks as well as names of selected fonts.

the usage of this software is very simple. if you are a designer then you can design the embroidery on a normal screen. if you are a beginner then you can refer this software as the tutorial of the embroidery that is very easy to use. the unique kind of the interface also helps in the designing process.

this software is extremely easy to learn. the user can edit the fonts, styles and the position of the shapes with the help of tools provided by the software. the main tool includes all required tools to develop a design of the embroidery. the software provides a very unique kind of tools, that is the user can drag the shape, the size of the shape, the color, the opacity and more


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