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Ran HD 1985 Bluray 1080p __LINK__

It should be noted that the accompanying Blu-ray and extras disc (and the standalone regular 1080p two-disc release) are the exact same discs as the 2016 release, even down to the same menus being used.

Ran HD 1985 Bluray 1080p

The Criterion Collection began in 1984 with the releases of Citizen Kane (1941) and King Kong (1933) on LaserDisc, the latter's source negatives courtesy of the Library of Congress.[29] The company later became known for pioneering the "special edition" DVD concept containing bonus materials such as trailers, commentaries, documentaries, alternate endings and deleted scenes.[30] The success of these releases established the special-edition version in the DVD business. In 2006, taking advantage of advanced film-transfer and film-restoration technologies, Criterion published higher-quality versions, with bonus materials, of early catalog titles such as Amarcord (1973), Brazil (1985) and Seven Samurai (1954).

Some previously licensed Criterion Collection titles, such as The Harder They Come (1972), are now commercially unavailable as new product, and are only available in resale (used) form. Titles such as RoboCop (1987), Hard Boiled (1992), The Killer (1989) and Ran (1985) became unavailable when their publishing licenses expired or when Criterion published improved versions, such as those for Beauty and the Beast (1946), M (1931), The Wages of Fear (1953) and Seven Samurai (1954). As of September 2018, 188 of the 954 titles (19%) from the list of Criterion Collection LaserDisc releases have been rereleased.

Periodically, Criterion releases material on DVD and Blu-ray disc licensed from the studios with whom the company had previously dealt (such as Universal's and Terry Gilliam's 1985 film Brazil); these new releases are generally undertaken on a case-by-case basis.[33]

Accell Corporation has recently introduced the new UltraAV Mini 1x4 HDMI Audio/Video Splitter (MSRP $149.99, Street $100) designed to deliver HDMI video to four displays including all HD resolutions (1080p and 3D) from a single source. The unit is perfect for situations where multiple users want access to the same source, such as a Bluray player or set-top box, with multiple HDMI TVs, projectors and monitors. The unit is compatible with all HDCP compliant devices and is capable of data rates as high as 6.75 Gbps (225 MHz). This splitter can also handle streaming Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD lossless data along with 36-Bit Deep Color. This compact chassis measures approximately 6" x 3" x 1" (WxLxH) and weighs a modest 9 ounces.

Performance The Accell 1x4 HDMI Splitter design includes an integrated 4-Port DVI/HDMI splitter chip along with a microcontroller for seamless operation. The unit delivered as advertised with excellent video performance to all our 1080p monitors including a 3D Mitsubishi HC7800U projector. When running 3D source material, it should be noted that any non-3D display will cause the 3D content to default to 2D. The integrated HDCP decryption/encryption engines provide a secure handshake with compatible displays to fully support protected content. 041b061a72


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