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Assassin 39;s Creed Mirage ((BETTER)) Download Pc

The team also endeavored to make the game world more immersive. To this end, the studio added sandstorms to the game, and players would experience a mirage if they remained in the heat too long. Cities have distinct designs which reflect their origins. While designing Alexandria, inspirations were taken from Pergamon, Turkey, whose design resembled that of ancient Alexandria.[43] While most locations were handcrafted, artists and programmers made use of procedural generation to fill vast, open areas with rocks, grass and trees.[34] Mini-map from the head-up display (HUD) were replaced with a compass, as they believed this made the HUD less obstructive and encouraged players to explore.[46] To make the world more dynamic, the team invested a lot of time into designing the artificial intelligence of the non-playable characters, ensuring they would have a routine every day such as working during daytime and sleeping at night. Quest givers travel and do not stay in a fixed position, and players can choose the time of day to assassinate their targets.[47] Factions also respond differently to players.[48]

assassin 39;s creed mirage download pc


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