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Laptop with a screen shot of the multitracks masterclass

Custom Multitracks Masterclass

26 Lessons

Downloadable Pro Tools and Ableton Templates

Course Workbook

Recording Checklist

3 amazing worship drone packs

Tech Pricing Guide




-Vintage Faith Church Syracuse, NY

Before I took the Custom Multitracks Masterclass my tracks were lacking the depth I needed. It wasn’t fun spending that much time on a multitrack and still feeling like it was missing something. The Masterclass showed me what I was missing and more. I worked on a track the following week and it instantly had tons of vibe and sounded really professional. My multitracks are thriving now because of what I learned in the Masterclass.


-Riverside Church Fort Lauderdale, FL


Every Time I sat down and tried to create the simplest of tracks I had no idea where to start.  Now that I know how to make my own multitracks it means so much more to make something that is my own because I can feel every instrument and every transition the way I want to hear it. When I finally learned where to start I couldn't stop making my own tracks!  It's addicting and my creativity has gone through the roof!

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