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Custom Multitracks Masterclass

Learn how to make your own multitracks.

Be free from the constraints of pre-made multitracks.

No more Constraints

Be Creatively Free

Be true to your Church's sound
and culture

artists producing multitracks

Pre-made Multitracks Constrain Worship Teams

Learn How to Make Your Own Multitracks

You're a creative worship leader that has the ability to be free from the constraints and

limitations of pre-made multitracks.  Learn how to make your own multitracks today!

Preview the Custom Multitracks Masterclass

Take the Free Multitracks Masterclass

Create Custom Multitracks in 2 hours

Be the creative and empowered worship leader you're designed to be

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Masterclass for Free!


What if I'm not techy enough?

The Custom Multitracks Masterclass goes into great detail of all the technology used when making a custom multitrack.  We make it accessible and easy to understand.

What if I'm not a studio wizard or producer?

It doesn't matter if it's your first time in a recording software.  We provide a recording framework for making a custom multitrack that helps you think creatively and become a studio pro.

What if I don't have the time?

After learning how to make your own multitracks, you'll learn how to make templates so you can make a custom multitrack within 2 hours.

What if I have never used multitracks before?

We go through every detail necessary to create, record and play your own multitracks that will sound better than pre-produced multitracks!

Free download of the worship drones for multitracks

Start Creating

Download our free Worship Drones to start making your multitracks sound original and constraint free

Course Cirriculum

Section 1: Getting Started

This section covers:

  • What to expect

  • Why you should make your own multitracks

Section 2: The Set Up

This section covers:

  • The computer and software

  • The Hardware

  • A Tech pricing guide

  • Setting up a Session

Section 3: Making the Track

This section covers:

  • Recording Framework

  • Recording MIDI

  • Recording Instruments

Section 4: Mixing the Track

This section covers:

  • Fundamentals of mixing

  • Mixing the track

  • Bouncing stems

Section 5: Playing the Track

This section covers:

  • What you need

  • Ableton Live basics

  • Setting up a Session

  • How to play the track

Section 6: Getting into a Rhythm

This section covers:

  • How to get into a rhythm of making tracks

Join the Free Multitracks Masterclass

Tim Ehrhart teaching from the multitracks masterclass

About the Instructor

Tim Ehrhart is a producer, mix engineer and worship leader who has been combining studio and live elements since 2012.  After studying writing and production at Berklee College of Music, he has taken the elements used to produce music in a studio and now combines them into creating creative multitracks that are used in live worship by churches and worship leaders all

over the world.   

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  • What level of multitrack experience do I need before taking the course?
    None. We have something for everyone at every level. The more you know the more efficient you will work in creating your own multitrack and the easier the concepts will be to apply to your workflow but we created this course in mind for the absolute beginner to the expert! We go over all of the aspects of the needed technology and the programs that accompany them. We also go through the different recording techniques to recording different kinds of instruments so you can do it for yourself!
  • What if I use Logic?
    In the course we build the multitrack in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software called Pro Tools. We then play the multitrack in another DAW called Ableton Live. In the course we go through a brief tutorial on both programs for those starting out on Pro Tools or Ableton Live, but we tailored the course to be about universal concepts that can be applied to any DAW (Logic, FL Studio, Garageband, etc.) The course provides a framework for learning how to record layers and be creative with your multitrack which can be used across any DAW.
  • How much does it cost?
    It is free for the course which includes a Course Workbook, Ableton and Pro Tools templates, Worship Drones, Recording Checklist, and more.
  • Why should I make my own multitracks?
    The benefits are endless. You are free from the constraints of pre-made multitracks because you can create your own sounds and arrangements that are actually true to your church's sound, not somebody else's sound. We go into this in-depth in this blog; 4 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Multitracks
  • How Long Will the Course Take?
    The course has 26 lessons on creating, recording, mixing and playing a custom multitrack. The course is taken at your own pace, you can start and stop as your schedule allows. There is no deadline to finish the course. Based on your skill level some sections of the course will be more time consuming than other sections.


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